Motion on The Westminster Bridge

Motion on The Westminster Bridge

In this photo I captured motion during a lovely blue hour at the Westminster Bridge in London. Once the sun sets down and the blue sky appears, several photography opportunities comes up. I usually use the city lights, buildings and lights of traffic to build colors contrast between the elements and the blue sky. I captured several photos with different compositions and ideas for and from the Bridge during my visit to London in 2016. Although it was a very quick trip, but it was very successful in terms of photography. I have made the effort to plan for that trip very well prior travelling. Have a look on my post about Travel Photography planning, you may find it useful. Read it HERE

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Relaxation To The Max

Relaxation to the max


What’s better than a relaxing warm winter night with friends at such a beautiful place? It was Relaxation To The Max in a fun night last December at one of my friends’ house. That’s the major landscape at El Soukhna resorts in Egypt.

ماذا أروع من الاسترخاء فى ليلة شتوية دافئة مع الأصدقاء في مثل هذا المكان الجميل؟ كانت ليلة ممتعة في شهر ديسمبر الماضي في منزل أحد أصدقائي. هذا هو المشهد المعتاد للمنتجعات فى العين السخنة في مصر.

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