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        My name is Nader El Assy, and I live in Egypt, where the human civilization has started. I hold a Mechanical Engineering degree and I work in the Oilfield industry. However, I’m a passionate Landscape and Architectural Photographer. Photography for me is about “finding beauty around“. Over the time, I discovered that beauty is not hard to find anywhere in buildings, streets, nature and faces. And I have decided to capture that beauty and share it with everyone I can reach in both my social and digital surroundings. I always believe in what the legendary photographer Trey Ratcliff said “A life worth living, is a life worth recording”. Visiting a place after another and taking a photo after another, Photography has become my only way to escape out of all life stresses, responsibilities and madness.

By Nader El Assy

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  1. Hi Nader 🙂
    I stumbled upon your amazing blog accidently and I’m so glad I did. You are a very talented photographer. Thank you for sharing breathtaking scenes from Egypt as we do need portray a beautiful worldwide image of our beloved country.

    I represent The [CREATIV] Movement. We are searching the world for talented [CREATIVS] to be a part of this worldwide movement and I’m so fortunate to find you. I know you would be an asset to the movement because your passion and dedication shine through your blog.

    Through the [CREATIV] platform, you will be able to showcase your artwork globally and mingle with artists from all over the world. You may start your [CREATIV] journey here: http://prereg.iamacreativ.com/arabia/ Please let me know of if you have any questions.

    Please help us spread the word about the The [CREATIV] Movement by sharing it with your fellow [CREATIVS]. The following link explains The [CREATIV] Movement in Arabic: http://ba7ebmasr.com/the-creativ-movement/

    I truly appreciate your creativity and I look forward to hearing back from you. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Dear Nader,
    Thank you for joining CREATIV platform and posting some of your excellent artwork. We are currently creating a portal for middle east that’s under construction (www.creativ.com/thecreativmovementarabia) In this portal we will feature artwork of Arabic artists and will include their names and websites. I invite to participate by sending a photo you personally took in Egypt. Pls choose a place that will make the rest of the world appreciate Egypt’s beauty. You may add the photo to you CREATIV profile and send me the link at: HebaHosny@iamacreativ.com. Good luck 🙂

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