Masjid Putrajaya and Sleeklens Collections

Masjid Putrajaya

Here is a photo I took for the well-known Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia. I took the shot few years back and I didn’t get a chance to process it yet. But this week I found it as a very good candidate to test a new kit of processing tools. I produced this photo from a single RAW file using Adobe Photoshop. But this time I processed it differently, I used Photoshop workflow actions bundle for landscape. I really liked how the actions bundle could give the entire image a decent boost in colors and contrast. Get the bundle I used from HERE.

Sleeklens Landscape Photoshop Actions

Sleeklens Bundle on the left

The bundle is actually a set of actions that can do the majority of processing for you. The Sleeklens team divided the bundle into multiple levels and stages. Starting by Exposure adjustments to Tones, Temperature and Contrast enhancements, the bundle is also covering many photo processing essentials for Photographers. Further more, the bundle includes a section for Web File Preparation, which I think is interesting too. 

Viewing their website, I found several useful tools as well. For example, I found several Photoshop actions HERE. Also they have Lightroom presets over HERE. And further more, a I found Professional photo editing service for photographers. You can check it HERE

Thank you for the folks at Sleeklens for those amazing tools. I’m really having fun with them.