Guest Room – Gayer Anderson Museum

Guest Room

The Gayer-Anderson Museum is located in Cairo, Egypt, adjacent to the Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun in the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood. The museum takes its name from Major R.G. Gayer-Anderson Pasha, who resided in the house between 1935 and 1942 with special permission from the Egyptian Government.  It is noted for being one of the best-preserved examples of 17th-century domestic architecture left in Cairo, and also for Gayer-Anderson’s vast collection of furniture, carpets, curio, and other objects [].

EXIF: F10 – 1/15 s – 13 mm – ISO 100

This was an interior HDR that was merged out of three different exposures. Cases like this optimum for HDR as you have large lighting variety, from the very bright window holes to the extremely dark areas underneath and in between furniture. This time I have merged the three exposures using Adobe Photoshop to generate a Large 32 bit TIFF file, which now has all the lighting data of the 3 original RAW files. Then I have processed that file in Adobe Lightroom.




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