Ibn Tulun Guards

Ibn Tulun guards

This is the entrance door to Ibn Tulun Minaret spiral stairway. It’s the oldest mousque in the city surviving in its original form, and is the largest mosque in Cairo in terms of land area. It was constructed in the year 879.

EXIF: F16 – 1/60 s – 13 mm – ISO 100

The photo is a light toned HDR merged out of three bracketed exposures. Using the Full frame SONY A7, while SONY didn’t “yet” release a fit for purpose wide angle lens, I used here the SONY E 10-18 mm ultra wide angle lens from the NEX system. It’s the only lens from the NEX generation that works with the full frame bodies, but with focal length restrictions. In short, you can run it only from about 12 mm to 16 mm FL. Otherwise, there will be a noticeable vignetting effect at the photo borders.



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