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To The Beach

While the summer season is approaching its end for this year, I had that late and quick family vacation at the Egyptian North Coast on the Mediterranean Sea. I can’t describe enough how beautiful that coast was. The only place I have visited were Sea is  actually bright Cyan colored and the beach sand is almost white. Even looking at this sweet spot on a map will show the color variation of water and sand from the other areas around.

EXIF: F4 – 1/1000 s – 70 mm – ISO 50

I consider this photo my first serious test for the FE 70 – 200 mm SONY lens. As you expect from Sony Mirrorless Cameras Line, the lens is much lighter than the well known 70 – 200 mm lenses from Nikon and Canon. In general, I was really impressed by the sharpness and quality of the lens.  Wait for my FE 70 – 200 mm Lens review soon.

Photo processing in the photo was pretty easy, an Adobe Lightroom preset. As usual, I tweaked few dials to suit the lighting and colors condition of the photo. Later, the photo was touched in Adobe Photoshop for some cleaning and sharpening enhancement.



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