Under Ibn Tulun Minaret

Under Ibn Tulun Minaret

This is a close look into the unique Minaret of Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque. The Mosque is almost the oldest in Cairo and it’s Minaret has a unique spiral Architecture shape.

صورة عن قرب لمئذنة مسجد احمد بن طولون. هو اقدم مساجد القاهرة وتتميز مئذنته بشكل حلزونى فريد.


The photo was an HDR merged out of Three different exposures. I have setup the bracketing mode to EV -3, 0, +3 … Why? Simply to capture that wide range of lights, from the extra bright sky to the very dark interior.


The merge process was done using Photoshop HDR merge. As a general comment, I don’t like how Photoshop handles the HDR processing. However, if only used for the merge process rather than processing it usually gives good results. So I merged these Three photos to a 32 bit file and export it back to Lightroom for the rest of the process. That 32 bit file always has all the light data originally was in the Three photos, which I consider as a SUPER RAW file. Next step was a regular processing in Adobe Lightroom, followed by some touches in Photoshop to enhance the contrast and sharpness of the building.

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  1. Give this a try…shoot 5 or 7 shots at 1EV or 0.7EV and compare the mid-tones and light greys.

  2. Thanks Mike. I will try it. However, I don’t see where it can help. When I shoot -3 to +3 in a situation like this, the Lightroom exposure varies from complete black to complete white in the merged file. Which means those 3 photos had the whole light data of the actual scene. But will try it anyway and see.

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