ِ A Day in Old Cairo Streets

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugThis is a typical scene of the streets in the Old Islamic Cairo. Specifically, this is Al Muizz street, one of the oldest streets in Cairo, approximately one kilometer long. A United Nations study found it to have the greatest concentration of medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world. Some of the buildings in that street are as old as a 1000 years.

EXIF: F11 – 1/45 s – 14 mm – ISO 160

The photo is one of the very few HDRs I made where people are there. As usual, three bracketed exposures merged in an HDR software (Photomatix this time) and then touched in Photoshop. Moving objects & People are continuous challenges when bracketing photos because HDR softwares sometime don’t recognize them and show them as ghosts. And here comes Adobe Photoshop role to help moving any ghosting using Masks between the HDR version and the original photos.



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  1. ازاى جمعت بين الأغراض المتحركه والتلات صور بتعريضات ضوئيه مختلفه لو أمكن تعرفني الطريقه بتفاصيل أكتر على الفيسبوك أو الميل

  2. I think you are talking about ghosting. If so, then it’s easy. HDR softwares (not Adobe Photoshop) are smart enough to recognize the ghosting areas automatically if no ghosting in the original photos. Even if the HDR process left some ghosts, you still can fix them by masking the HDR version with one of the original photos in Photoshop.

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